Andres Serrano
[Artist, b. 1950, New York, lives in New York.]

 ... I just photographed a man who can suck his own penis. The way he twisted his body reminded me of a Francis Bacon painting. He rolled on his back and threw his legs up in a way that does not register as a natural contortion. Yet it is a natural position if you want to put your mouth around your own dick. 

Katy Grannan
[Photographer, b. 1969, Arlington, Virginia, lives in Berkeley, California.]

 …ultimately [my models’] desire to be seen and my desire to photograph them are the ingredients of something larger. The portrait that remains represents neither accurately. Our intentions, whatever they were, are recorded and warped and reinvented into something entirely unique. Every scar is beautiful, every smile disturbing and in that moment the portrait becomes its own truth. 

Eve Babitz
[Model and author, b. 1943, Los Angeles, lives in Los Angeles.]

 [Photographer Julian Wasser] had this great idea that I should play chess naked with Marcel Duchamp and it seem to be such a great idea that it was just like the best idea I’d ever heard in my life. It was like a great idea. I mean, it was— Not only was it vengeance, it was art, and it was, like, a great idea. And even if it didn’t get any vengeance, it would still turn out okay with me because, you know, I would be sort of immortalized. 

Kate Moss
[Model, b. 1974, Croydon, England, lives in St Johns Wood, England.]

 I guess I’m adaptable. You know, I turn up at work and [photographers] can kind of do what they want with me, really. 
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