John Szarkowski
[Curator, critic, historian, and photographer, b. 1925, Ashland, Wisconsin, d. 2007, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.]

 If his subject is a complex one, [the photographer] must use the single picture as a writer uses the sentence, as the dependent part of a single unitary statement. Communication is cumulative, and the individual picture is freed from the pretense of balanced finality. 

Barbara Morgan
[Photographer, b. 1900, Buffalo, Kansas, d. 1992, North Tarrytown, New York.]

 Previsualization is the first essential of dance photography. The ecstatic gesture happens swiftly and is gone. Unless the photographer previsions, in order to fuse dance action, light, and space expression simultaneously, there can be no significant dance picture. 

Joel-Peter Witkin
[Photographer, b. 1939, Brooklyn, New York, lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.]

 I [print] myself because that, for me, is the decisive moment: you can change the meaning of a photograph by how you print it. 
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