Dennis Grady
[lives in South Pomfret, Vermont.]

 How fitting it must have seemed to the victims of that process—the natives of North America, whose idea of “vision” is as spiritual as it is physical—when the white man produced from his baggage a box that had the power to transcribe the world onto a flat paper plane. Here was a machine that could make of this landscape a surface; of this territory, a map; of this man, this woman, this living child, a framed, hand-held, negotiable object to be looked at, traded, possessed; the perfect tool for the work of the “wasi’chu,” the greedy one who takes the fat. 

Robert Capa (Endre Ernő Friedmann)
[Photographer, b. 1913, Budapest, Hungary, d. 1954, Thai Binh, Vietnam.]

 It’s not always easy to stand aside and be unable to do anything except record the sufferings around one. 
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