Bert Stern
[Photographer, b. 1929, Brooklyn, New York, d. 2013, New York.]

 I’d photographed a lot of women, and Marilyn was the best. She’d move into an idea, I’d see it, quickly lock it in, click it, and my strobes would go off like a lightning flash—PKCHEWW!!—and get it with a zillionth of a second. (On photographing the actress six weeks before her death.) 

Ed Ruscha
[Artist, b. 1937, Omaha, Nebraska, lives in Los Angeles.]

 I wanted to make a book of some kind. And at the same time, I—my whole attitude about everything came out in this one phrase that I made up for myself, which was “twenty-six gasoline stations.” I worked on that in my mind for a long time and I knew that title before the book had even come about. And then, paradoxically, the idea of the photographs of the gasoline stations came around, so it’s an idea first—and then I kind of worked it down. 

Nikki S. Lee
[Photographer, b. 1970, Kye-Chang, Korea, lives in New York.]

 My life and work are not separate. I just have more roles than other people. And I have photographs. 
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