Joachim Schmid
[Photographer and "professional looker", b. 1955, Balingen, Germany, lives in Berlin.]

 No new photographs until all the old ones have been used up. 
 I think there are no meaningful images. Meanings are created outside of the image. 
 The camera’s perspective exactly matches that of the assassin: it now shoots the tourists shooting their own memorial photos, and we can watch this in real time. 
 The most striking feature of the new is the sheer mass. Photography was previously a mass phenomenon, but now, quantity is doubtless the outstanding quality. For a long time photos have been taken frequently and everywhere, but now photos are taken permanently and everywhere,... What is new is that we can watch them practically in real time. 
 For the first time in the history of photography, we can study the real-time production of snapshot making—globally! (On Flickr and other photosharing websites)