Patti Smith
[Musician, artist, and writer, b. 1946, Chicago, Illinois, lives in Detroit and New York.]

 Robert [Mapplethorpe] was concerned with how to make the photograph, and I with how to be the photograph. 
 He found it was as easy to hurl beauty as anything else. (On Robert Mapplethorpe) camera is my friend, and I take it everywhere. 
 I love to photograph the tools of one’s trade: Duncan Grant’s paintbrushes, the typewriter of Herman Hesse, or even my own guitar, a 1957 Fender Duo-Sonic. 
 Everything pours forth. Photographs their history. Books their words. Walls their sounds. 
 When I’m on my own with my camera, taking these pictures, it feels as if I am in a room of my own, a self-contained world. 
 It got to the point where I started hiding because I didn’t want to be photographed. (On living with Robert Mapplethorpe)