Patti Smith
[Musician, artist, and writer, b. 1946, Chicago, Illinois, lives in Detroit and New York.]

 Robert [Mapplethorpe] was concerned with how to make the photograph, and I with how to be the photograph. 
 He found it was as easy to hurl beauty as anything else. (On Robert Mapplethorpe) 
 Everything pours forth. Photographs their history. Books their words. Walls their sounds. 
 It got to the point where I started hiding because I didn’t want to be photographed. (On living with Robert Mapplethorpe) 
 I love to photograph the tools of one’s trade: Duncan Grant’s paintbrushes, the typewriter of Herman Hesse, or even my own guitar, a 1957 Fender Duo-Sonic. camera is my friend, and I take it everywhere. 
 When I’m on my own with my camera, taking these pictures, it feels as if I am in a room of my own, a self-contained world.