Doug and Mike Starn
[Artists, b. 1961, Absecon, New Jersey, live in Brooklyn, New York.]

 The only way for the creative mind to function is through anarchy. Art can’t flourish while bound to the concerns of previous generations. Photography, as a rule, has too many rules. 
 Vision doesn’t work like a camera, the mind is an interpreter of constantly fed information. Not just from your eyes, but also from all of your sensory inputs simultaneously, these are your interfaces to the world. Your mind decodes and understands the information based on a lifetime of constructions, memories, desires and learning... it is through all that that we “see.” 
 Trees are literally a recording of light, growing, through photosynthesis, towards the source. We relate the silhouetted black tree bodies to the black of written information, the black ink on the pages of books through thousands of years of transcribed thought and creation.