Andrea Modica
[Photographer, b. 1960, Oneonta, New York, lives in Manitou Springs, Colorado.]

 When you start photographing somebody, it’s like a lustful relationship and there’s all the excitement of new flesh. 
 I feel very lucky. I don’t know what else there has to be. I’m happy, as corny as it sounds, to be living in a place where it’s easy to live, easy to drive to the airport, easy to go pick up something at the supermarket and to have a circle of friends. Those were my goals in 1998, not to be queen of photography but to make a cultural adjustment to the West. And those are still more important goals to me than professional ones right now. 
 Sometimes something is so frightening I must look at it this closely or dismiss it altogether. Sometimes it’s so stunningly beautiful I feel completely left out. With either extreme, photographing makes me have to deal with it.