Herman Melville
[Writer, b. 1819, New York, d. 1891, New York.]

 Almost everybody is having his ‘mug’ engraved nowadays; so that this test of distinction is going to be reversed; and therefore, to see one’s ‘mug’ in a magazine, is presumptive evidence that he’s a nobody... I respectfully decline being oblivionated. 
 To the devil with you and your Daguerreotype! (1852) 
 With what infinite readiness now, the most faithful portrait of any one could be taken by the Daguerreotype, whereas in former times a faithful portrait was only within the power of the moneyed, or mental aristocrats of the earth. How natural then the inference, that instead of, as in old time, immortalizing a genius, a portrait now only dayalzed a dunce. Besides when every body has his portrait published, true distinction lies in not having yours published at all. For if you are published along with Tom, Dick, and Harry, and wear a coat of their cut, how are you distinct from Tom, Dick, and Harry?