Paolo Gasparini
[Photographer, b. 1934, Gorizia, Italy, lives in Caracas, Venezuela.]

 I think photographs can help us learn how to look. How to think about and resist this world that’s consecrated to the grandiloquence of symbols that propagate lies and that, more and more, reduce and undervalue life. 
 Whether the formalists and Conceptualists like it or not, the image—the photograph—is a product of ideology. What is captured is the product of the person who triggers the shutter. 
 Limitation of technical resources did not, in my case, become a frustration. Quite the contrary, it served to free me from over-attention to technical details and allowed me a more flexible position toward historical events. 
 I was interested in living and participating in the revolutionary movement, and naturally I wanted to get it down on black and white film. 
 Photography is the result of a thought process; it’s a serious subject.