John Glenn
[Astronaut and politician, b. 1921, Cambridge, Ohio, lives in Washington D.C.]

 To hell with this. I’m going to go down to Cocoa Beach. (On being told by NASA that he couldn’t take a camera on his historic first space flight, forcing him to make a trip to a Florida drugstore where he bought the Ansco Autoset snapshot camera and two rolls of Kodak film he used on the flight.) 
 We used to joke with [Morse] because he’d go through a 36-exposure roll in about a minute or two. He’d just snap snap snap. He said he operated on the theory that if you take enough pictures you’re bound to get a good one once in a while. (On Ralph Morse, the space race photographer who was so omnipresent that Glenn called him “the eighth Mercury astronaut.” Morse shot the early 1960s Mercury astronauts for LIFE Magazine which paid $500,000 for exclusive rights.)