George, Gilbert
[Artist, b. 1942, Devon, England, lives in London.]
[Artist, b. 1943, Dolomites, Italy, lives in London.]

 Being living sculptures is our life blood, our destiny, our romance, our disaster, our light and life. 
 One pays a price for being a mystic. Visions are a great source of certainty to the person, and they are bad servants to the artist. They make the person into a saint, and the artist finds his salvation in being the least saintly of mankind. 
 Surface vision and sensation have been adopted by Gilbert & George as their sole mode of perception... Governed now by a new form of awareness, sensation itself has none of its former easy-going quality: on occasion it can be downright painful. In a word, it consists in the power to visualize. 
 We show the dark side a pleasant character. A person of whom not one would speak unkindly. But here in the shadowy photographic angle the forms show definition of luck and concealed are movements of qualities of flesh and person.