William Garnett
[Photographer, b. 1916, Chicago, d. 2006, Napa, California.]

 To show people the ugly doesn’t accomplish much. I came to the conclusion that I can’t really make much of a change in society’s attitude towards land use by just showing them what’s wrong. I’ve come to the conclusion you have to show them what’s right, and inspire them. 
 To fly a small plane and see the variety of beauty the USA has to offer is a thrilling experience. Indeed, with such splendor spread out before me, I often feel guilty that I am up there alone. 
 I was discharged and heard you could hitchhike on the transport taking GIs home. The airplane was full, but the captain let me sit in the navigator's seat so I had a command view. I was amazed at the variety and beauty of these United States. I had never seen anything like that—in a book, in school, or since then. So I changed my career.