Elinor Carcucci
[Photographer, b. 1971, Jerusalem, lives in New York.]

 People do things for the camera that knock me out, these strong, intense, revelatory things.... It’s like a little stage offered to you... But it doesn’t make it fake, it’s just a different process. 
 When I started taking pictures, I was worried about staged work. I was trying to make everything like a snapshot, very spontaneous, because I wanted it to be true, to be honest. I then realized I’m never spontaneous because I’m photographing myself, so I’m always posing, always aware, always staged. 
 I think Eran might be the only husband in the world who—while his wife is fighting with him, while we were talking about breaking up—would let me take a picture. I mean really, it’s more than generous... it’s almost weirdness. 
 I just try to shoot freely and keep my intentions separate from the market, the people, the viewers. 
 Before I fell in love with a man, I fell in love with photography. (On herself at age seventeen)