Richard Prince
[Artist, b. 1949, Panama Canal Zone, lives in New York.]

 ... rather than tear [advertising photographs] out of the magazines and paste them up on a board, I thought why not re-photograph them with a camera and then put them in a real frame with a mat board around the picture just like a real photograph and call them mine. I mean “pirate” them, “steal” them, “sample” them. 
 The good thing about the money coming in is it allows me to experiment and make more mistakes and gives me more time to think about work that I’m not sure about. 
 By generating what appears to be a double, it might be possible to represent what the original photograph or picture imagined... More technological than mechanical, more a simulation than an expression, the result is a photograph that’s the closest thing to the real thing. And since I feel a bit more comfortable, perhaps more reassured around a picture that appears to be truer than it really is, I find the best way for me to make it real is to make it again, and making it again is enough for me and certainly, personally speaking, almost me. 
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