Tim Page
[Photographer, b. 1944, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, lives in Brisbane, Australia.]

 Every good war picture becomes an anti-war picture. 
 You are not deliberately making anti-war statements but the fact that you have made a good war picture means that it becomes an anti-war statement. 
 What we [photojournalists] have going for us is compassion. In Vietnam, photography swayed public opinion, and it still can. It can make a difference. 
 The power of photography and the media is less and less cause the attention of the reader is less and less. Who cares when they just flip the page and see a skateboard or something they want to buy? 
 ...the enemy doesn’t have time to differentiate between you wearing a black T-shirt and a camera and the guy with the Special Forces badge on sitting next to you... your only thought is, I don’t want to be here, but unfortunately you can’t press a button and delete yourself from the situation. Well you can, but it’s called dead.