Beaumont Newhall
[Photographer, writer, and historian, b. 1908, Lynn, Massachusetts, d. 1993, Santa Fe, New Mexico.]

 The present challenge to the photographer is to express inner significance through outward form. 
 The fundamental belief in the authenticity of photographs explains why photographs of people no longer living and of vanished architecture are so melancholy. 
 We are not interested in the unusual, but in the usual seen unusually. 
 It has been important to me, as an historian of photography, to understand photography by photographing. 
 Attempts to mix photography and painting fail... On this point the masters are unanimous: the photographic image must not be tampered with. (1958) 
 It is peculiar to photography that, by the extreme ease of its production, many accidentally interesting photographs are produced. 
 Documentary is, therefore, an approach, which makes use of the artistic faculties to give “vivification to fact”—to use Walt Whitman’s definition of the place of poetry in the modern world. 
 We are not going to have six million artists because six million people own this Instamatic camera that all you do is just point and shoot. If out of those six million we have six people that are artists, it will be a surprising thing. This does not mean that photography in the hands of the amateur is not a wonderful thing; it is. But we must recognize that the mere ability to get a picture, an image on a piece of paper in color, or in black and white is just the ground work in the beginning of what we call art. 
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