Graham Nash
[Musician, photographer, and collector, b. 1942, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, lives in Encino, California.]

 I don’t shoot kittens with balls of wool. I don’t shoot sunsets. What draws me? Ironic, surreal, unexplained, timely moments. 
 What I shoot are moments that disappear in the blink of an eye if you don’t have the courage or the discipline to have your camera with you. I can’t tell you how many fucking times I missed Elvis coming back on the elevator... and it pisses me off! I still try to carry my camera every single moment. 
 There really is a kind of insane beauty around us all the time. It’s just a question of learning to slow down, take a deep breath and meet the moment. 
 I began to realize that photographs, these still images, have a tremendous power to move your soul. They can change your life by what you choose to get out of them, and I started to collect photographs. 
 I don’t understand why anyone would collect my work. Please understand... it’s like writing Our House. It took me an hour, it was 30 years ago, get over it! But people say, “No, no, it changed my life,” and I don’t understand that. I can’t take that seriously as a producer of what I consider to be art. If they want to collect it, fantastic. If you see what I saw when I took it and it means something to you, then by all means collect it. If I make some money, um, fine.