Mona Kuhn
[Photographer, b. 1969, São Paulo, Brazil, lives in Los Angeles.]

 The body is a place where our mind resides, and that’s what I’m photographing. 
 [The most important factor in making a good picture is] to know who or what you are photographing. It is not about photography; it should be about life. 
 I think you can photograph a certain sliver of human presence in its absence... images taken in the empty rooms, the marks left on the walls, disappearing shadows, etc. 
 Digital [photography] has sped up the process to a point that it’s a bit self-destructive. It is like driving by a new neighborhood without stopping for a walk. Special discoveries need time. 
 I wasn’t interested in just photographing someone naked, I was interested in representing them as clothed in their own skin, secure in themselves. 
 I photograph [people] as if photographing flowers.