Jerry Uelsmann
[Photographer, b. 1934, Detroit, Michigan, lives in Gainesville, Florida.]

 The goal of the artist is not to resolve life’s mysteries, but to deepen them. 
 I’m really very concerned with helping to create an attitude of freedom and daring toward the craft of photography. 
 Photography is just light remembering itself. 
 The truth is that one is more frequently blessed with ideas while working. 
 I have gradually confused photography and life and as a result of this I believe I am able to work out of myself at an almost precognitive level. 
 I think of many of my photographs as being obviously symbolic but not symbolically obvious. There isn’t any specific correlation between the symbols in this image and any content that I have in mind. 
 Let us not be afraid to allow for “post-visualization.” By post-visualization I refer to the willingness on the part of the photographer to revisualize the final image at any point in the entire photographic process. 
 Ultimately, my hope is to amaze myself. The anticipation of discovering new possibilities becomes my greatest joy. 
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