Werner Bischof
[Photographer, b. 1916, Zürich, Switzerland, d. 1954, Peña de Aguila, Peru.]

 I believe it is one of our biggest tasks—the task of our life—to do everything possible to counter poverty and to build a freedom-loving future. 
 In the long run I don't think anyone can overlook these images of hunger, that people can ignore all my pictures—no, definitely not. And even if only a vague impression remains, in time this will create a basis that will help people distinguish between what is good and what is objectionable. 
 When the war came, with it came the destruction of my ivory tower. Henceforth my attention would focus on the face of human suffering, something I saw a thousand times over on the Swiss-Austrian border... stranded children and old people, behind them exploding grenades and speeding armored cars. 
 I am powerless against the great magazines—I am an artist, and I will always be that.