James Casebere
[Photographer, b. 1953, Lansing, Michigan, lives in New York.]

 The novels by Latin American magical realists showed how history is rewritten by each successive military dictatorship. I look at photography the same way: as a fiction, as representative of a particular point of view. 

A.D. Coleman
[Critic and writer, b. 1943, New York, lives in New York.]

 We must come to understand the extent to which lenses shape, filter, and otherwise alter the data which passes through them the extreme degree to which the lens itself informs our information. This influence, though radical in many cases, often manifests itself subtly. Yet even the most blatant distortions tend to be taken for granted as a result of the enduring cultural confidence in the essential trustworthiness and impartiality of what is in fact a technology resonant with cultural bias and highly susceptible to manipulation. 

Werner Herzog
[Filmmaker, b. 1942, Sachrang, Germany, lives in Munich and Los Angeles.]

 Facts do not convey truth. That’s a mistake. Facts create norms, but truth creates illumination. 
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