Sebastião Salgado
[Photographer, b. 1944, Aimores, Minas Gerias, Brazil, lives in Paris and Brazil.]

 You photograph with all your ideology. 

Lucas Samaras
[Artist, b. 1936, Kastoria, Greece, lives in New York.]

 ...I started photographing myself, and found that I could see portions of myself that I had never seen before. Since I face just my face in the mirror, I know pretty much what it’s like. When I see a side-view I’m not used to it, and find it peculiar... So, photographing myself and discovering unknown territories of my surface self causes an interesting psychological confrontation. 

Abigail Solomon-Godeau
[Writer and theorist, b. 1947, New York, lives in Santa Barbara, California.]

 The shared conviction that the art photograph is the expression of the photographer’s interior, rather than or in addition to the world's exterior, is, of course, the doxa of art photography and has been a staple of photographic criticism almost from the media’s inception. Implicit in the notion of the of the photographer’s expressive mediation of the world through the use of his or her instrument is a related constellation of assumptions: originality, authorship, authenticity, the primacy of subjectivity. 
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