W. Eugene Smith
[Photographer, b. 1918, Wichita, Kansas, d. 1978, Tucson, Arizona.]

 I think the only thing wrong with the word “documentary” is that it can give some people the idea that you can make absolutely dull pictures of the ingredients of something instead of the heart of something. 

Jeanloup Sieff
[Photographer, b. 1930, Paris, d. 2001, Paris.]

 I’m proud of the two adjectives superficial and frivolous. 

Auguste Rodin
[Artist, b. 1840, Paris, France, d. 1917, Paris.]

 If the artist only reproduces superficial features as photography does, if he copies the lineaments of a face exactly, without reference to character, he deserves no admiration. (1911) 

Berenice Abbott
[Photographer, writer, teacher, b. 1898, Springfield, Ohio, d. 1991, Monson, Maine.]

 There needs to be a friendly interpreter between science and the layman. I believe photography can be this spokesman. 
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