Robert Adams
[Photographer and writer, b. 1937, Orange, New Jersey, lives in Astoria, Oregon.]

 At their best the [nineteenth-century] photographers accepted limitation and faced space as the antitheatrical puzzle it is—a stage without a center. The resulting photos have an element of almost banality about them, but it is exactly this acknowledgement of the plain surface to things that helps legitimize the photographer's difficult claim that the landscape is coherent. 

Donald McCullin
[Photographer, b. 1935, Finsbury Park, London, lives in Somerset, England.]

 I like photographing the English landscape in the winter, because it’s naked and it’s cold and it’s lonely, and I feel lonely doing it—and yes, I feel as happy as anything. There’s no politics, there’s no one saying: “get off my land!” No one’s pointing a gun at me. It’s almost as if I’m drinking from the flower, as if I’m drinking the pure nectar of freedom. 

William Garnett
[Photographer, b. 1916, Chicago, d. 2006, Napa, California.]

 To fly a small plane and see the variety of beauty the USA has to offer is a thrilling experience. Indeed, with such splendor spread out before me, I often feel guilty that I am up there alone. 
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