Robert Adams
[Photographer and writer, b. 1937, Orange, New Jersey, lives in Astoria, Oregon.]

 I tried to keep in mind a phrase from a novel by [Yasunari] Kawabata: “my life, a fragment of a landscape.” The same applied, I thought, to each of us... 

Karl Marx
[Political philosophers, b. 1818, Trier, Germany, d. 1883, London.]

 Men can see nothing around them that is not their own image; everything speaks to them of themselves. Their very landscape is alive. 

William Henry Jackson
[Photographer, b. 1843, Keesville, New York, d. 1942, New York.]

 Portrait photography never had any charms for me, so I sought my subjects from the house-tops, and finally from the hill-tops and about the surrounding country; the taste strengthening as my successes became greater in proportion to the failures. 
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