Edward Weston
[Photographer, b. 1886, Highland Park, Illinois, d. 1958, Wildcat Hill, California.]

 Since it has the validity of a new expression, without traditions or conventions, the freshness of an experimental epoch, the strength of pioneering, photography has a significant status in the life of today. (1928) 
 The hour is late, the light is failing... there stands my camera focused, trained like a gun, commanding the shells not to move a hair’s breath. And death to anyone who jars out of place what I know shall be a very important negative. (On making the photograph Chambered Nautilus, 1927) 
 It seems so utterly naive that landscape—not that of the pictorial school—is not considered of “social significance” when it has a far more important bearing on the human race of a given locale than excrescences called cities. 
 ...through this photographic eye you will be able to look out on a new light-world, a world for the most part uncharted and unexplored, a world that lies waiting to be discovered and revealed. 
 Any predictions that color will supplant black and white are ridiculous; drawings, dry points, etchings, lithographs are not negated by painting. The aesthetic possibilities of color will be determined by the creative ability of the individual. (1947) 
 I don’t give a tinker’s damn about being true to nature. 
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