Edward Weston
[Photographer, b. 1886, Highland Park, Illinois, d. 1958, Wildcat Hill, California.]

 By all means tell your Board that pubic hair has definitely been part of my development as an artist, tell them it has been the most important part, that I like it black, brown, red or golden, curly or straight, all sizes and shapes. (To Museum of Modern Art curator Beaumont Newhall, after being told the museum was reluctant to show nudes revealing pubic hair.) 
 My work is never intellectual. I never make a negative unless emotionally moved by my subject. 
 A photograph has no value unless it looks exactly like a photograph and nothing else. 
 Ultimately success or failure in photographing people depends on the photographer’s ability to understand his fellow man. 
 To be without [a camera] (to be what one might call camera-less) must be like losing a leg or better an eye. (To Alfred Stieglitz, who had written him: “For the first time in 55 years I am without a camera.”) 
 Anything that excites me for any reason I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual. 
 The lens reveals more than the eye sees. Then why not use this potentiality to advantage? (1928) 
 Art is an interpreter of the inexpressible, and therefore it seems a folly to try to convey its meaning afresh by means of words. 
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