Aaron Siskind
[Photographer, b. 1903, New York, d. 1991, Providence, Rhode Island.]

 Every object, to me is a very alive thing. In Gloucester, one summer, the rocks began to seem so animate I could hardly bear to walk over them. 
 I want to bring my pictures to the ideal of music. Like music, it means everything, it says everything, but it is objective. 
 I accept the flat picture surface as the primary frame of reference of the picture. (1956) 
 The business of making a photograph may be said in simple terms to consist of three elements: the objective world (whose permanent condition is change and disorder), the sheet of paper on which the picture will be realized, and the experience which brings them together. 
 To me, in a deep sense, it’s the purpose of art that a work of art is something that’s composed, it’s orderly, confined, it’s within bounds, you can comprehend it. 
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