Martin Parr
[Photographer, b. 1952, Epson, Surrey, England, lives in Bristol and London, England.]

 Find something you are passionate about and shoot your way through this obsession with elegance and you will have a potentially great project. 
 I am what I photograph. 
 I often think of what I photograph as a soap opera, where I am waiting for the right cast to fall into place. 
 I see things going on before my eyes and I photograph them as they are, without trying to change them. I don’t warn people beforehand. That’s why I’m a chronicler. I speak about us and I speak about myself. 
 All types of photography are important. For me, vernacular photography is essential as it provides a record of a moment, of important events in peoples’ lives, whereas many documentary or artistic photos are produced for a specific purpose. There is an urgency in vernacular photography that you don’t necessarily feel in professional photography. 
 How can we prevent our journey from becoming so broad and ponderous?... I’m just hoping we can keep the spirit of the humble postcard in mind while looking at people, places and things. 
 We are drowning in images. Photography is used as a propaganda tool, which serves to sell products and ideas. I use the same approach to show aspects of reality. 
 I love playing the game of fashion photography without knowing what the rules are. 
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