Edwin Land
[Inventor and entrepreneur, b. 1909, Bridgeport, Connecticut, d. 1991, Cambridge, Massachusetts.]

 Don’t undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible. 
 If you are not satisfied with a picture, this new process allows you to retake the picture immediately and correct the fault. You know that you have a perfect picture on the spot. You need never be disappointed again. (1947) 
 The process must be concealed from—non-existent for—the photographer, who by definition need think of the art in the taking and not in the making photographs... In short, all that should be necessary to get a good picture is to take a good picture. 
 Look, if the picture you get instantly is as beautiful as the picture you get by waiting seven days, then it is absolute madness to say that there is virtue in waiting. 
 The present is the past biting into the future.