Robbert Flick
[Photographer, b. 1939, Amersfoort, Holland, lives in Los Angeles, California.]

 Serendipity plays an enormous role in my work. I create the possibilities for accidents to happen. 
 Once you take a picture, you frame something; the moment you frame it, you exclude things. 
 The specifics of location are immaterial; all photographs after all are fictive narratives that play on memory and potential empathy. 
 What I want the pictures to be about is the continuing present, or as close to the present and my understanding of the present as possible. But since the present always changes, I had to construct ways. 
 Events exist in a continuum. The photographer does likewise. The connection between those two makes the photograph. The photograph is then separated, and the viewer deals with it. But it is still a part of that continuum, that process.