Peter Henry Emerson
[Writer and photographer, b. 1856, LaPalma, Cuba, d. 1936, Falmouth, Cornwall, England.]

 The photographer does not make his picture—a machine does it all for him. (1891, in a recantation of his earlier advocacy of photography as art.) 
 It is not the apparatus that chooses the picture, but the man who wields it. 
 Photography was only confessing its weaknesses when it indulged in the alteration of tonal values, false emphasis to certain areas of the picture, and the use of soft focus and special effects. (1889) 
 The principal object in the picture must be fairly sharp, just as sharp as the eye sees it and no sharper, but everything else, and all other planes of the picture, must be subdued... slightly out of focus. (1886) 
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