Philip-Lorca diCorcia
[Artist, b. 1953, Hartford, Connecticut, lives in New York.]

 Psychology is a reality for many people. I try to show this. It may not, in fact, be the actual psychology of the subject that I portray, but it is played out in the image and the projection of that psychology into the surrounding space... Their image is the outward facing front belied by the inwardly gazing eyes. 
 I find it very uninteresting, most of the time, to be involved in the art world... It’s just hard to spend that much time and that much effort on something that is enormously loaded with pretensions but everyone will admit has little or no effect on the world at large. 
 [My work] doesn’t begin with a really open investigation of something. I generally have a specific thing I am looking for, and I am looking to see if I can achieve that. 
 As a photographer you are completely dependent on the object. I have tried it the other way round, and started out by defining the process. 
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